Loved Mars, Hated The Food


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Dix Jenner, a self-proclaimed slacker, is the first chef to live—and maybe die—on Mars. After an explosion kills his colony companions and leaves him with nothing but his spacesuit, his time on the faraway planet is about to expire… until he’s rescued by friendly Martians Bleeker and Seepa, who smuggle him into their vast underground civilization. Now an alien among Martians, Dix must hide his identity to survive. Despite an unfamiliar world of telepathy, strange class dynamics, and really bad food, Dix sets out to make his mark—if only out of boredom. But after opening a cafe—who knew Martians loved espresso?—he starts to notice that responsibility can feel good. Not only that, but he’s got a new romance, and for the first time he actually cares.

Unfortunately, his success attracts the attention of the corrupt and narcissistic Martian Grand Leader who is skeptical of his flimsy fake identity and becomes determined to uncover the truth. Forced to run to avoid being imprisoned, Dix gets lucky: an unexpected NASA rescue mission has landed on Mars. But seeing it brings back the dark secret he’s been keeping from himself about the colony’s explosion and now Dix must choose between returning to Earth or spending the rest of his life in a cell playing euchre on the dusty red planet where he belongs.

16 thoughts on “Loved Mars, Hated The Food

  1. Marily G. Fish says:

    Yellow penguin Martians? Sounds adorbs!

    I would love a few pairs of those for my friends in the Domestic Terrorism Reform club.

    Their big goldfish are almost dead and they’re going to need something else to torment.


  2. lydiaewinters says:

    Well you got my attention! I like it. I especially like that’s he’s kinda high and he peed himself. Both of which I can only assume will come to bite him at some point. 😂


    • williehandler says:

      Thanks. I made some recent changes to the chapter to crank it up a bit. Your comments suggest I may have been successful. I am currently editing and hope to be at the next step in the process next month. Thanks again.



  3. ElusiveStory says:

    I was intrigued when I read an earlier version of this chapter, and gevtevisions have certainly made it shine. Love Bleeker and Seepa’s deadpan Ava and forth. Feels more fleshed out. And the ending leaves me wanting to turn the page!


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