From The Employee Handbook: Don’t Sleep With The Boss

An excert from my unpublished novel, THE ROAD AHEAD

Before putting away his phone, Jerry checks his text messages. There is one from Geneva.

Congratulations on winning George Castanza a seat in the Legislature! lol

Very funny.

What an incredible night. Did you see Peter’s victory speech?

Yes. Very moving.

Want to join me for a celebratory drink?


I’m sitting at the bar in Sherlock’s on King Street all alone. 😦

Why are you in bar alone?

I left the campaign party. It was too noisy. I’m in the mood for some quiet celebrating.

Ah yes, the reflective Geneva takes over tonight.

So are you coming?

Are you sure you want me to join you?

That’s why I’m texting you. Hey we can catch up. We’ve both been so busy.

Okay. I can be there in 30 minutes.

He hops into his car and makes his way downtown. He knows it’s odd that Geneva would duck out from the campaign celebration but he also understands that the woman is an introvert. But why invite him? At work, their relationship has been frosty at times. Though, when they’ve met for drinks or dinner, she really has been a different person. It’s going on midnight, so there isn’t much traffic on the roads although the Entertainment District is never quiet at this hour. There is plenty of traffic for Jerry to contend with but he eventually finds a parking lot and heads over to Sherlock’s. He immediately spots Geneva sitting at the bar flirting with one of the bartenders. She is wearing a pair of stretch denim jeans that look like they were painted onto her legs. She is wearing a blue crop top and, to his surprise, her navel is pierced. When she spots him, she gives him a high five. “Switzer, pull up a seat and join me for some vodka shots.”

Jerry looks at her. She is loud and obviously drunk. “How many of these have you had?”

“Who’s counting? Have you met Nick the bartender? Nick, pour my colleague and I some vodka.” Nick pours them each a shot of vodka, which they throw back. “So your dumbass insurance salesman with the geeky moustache is an MPP.” She is laughing at the thought. “How fucked up is this world?”

“I’ve seen worse elected to the Queen’s Park. Remember Stuart Wideman, better known as Wildman Stu? What do you have against this guy?”

“You know better than anyone after spending all this time with him. This guy is a loose cannon. Obviously, Peter doesn’t see it or doesn’t want to see it. As far as I’m concerned, he should be relegated to the backbenches, never to be heard from or seen again. But I’m afraid that won’t be happening.”

The bartender has poured another round of vodka. Jerry coughs as he throws it back. “Christ, how do you drink this stuff?”

“I gotta pee  I’ll be right back.” Geneva gets up from her chair and just about falls over. “Oops. I’ve never been good in heels on a boat.”

He looks at her in bewilderment. “What are you talking about?” But she is already gone and staggering to the ladies room in the back. When she returns, he notices that her hair looks as if it’s been put under a hand dryer and her lipstick could have been applied by a four year old. “Geneva, why don’t we call it a night? We’ve got a lot of stuff to deal with tomorrow. I plan to show up at the office in the morning.”

“I’m fine.” She suddenly topples forward and her head hits Jerry in the face. A little stunned by the head butt, he grabs her and straightens her up.

“I’m calling a cab and taking you home.” He grabs her coat and puts it around her shoulders and directs her outside, after paying off her bar tab. He is a little shocked when he sees the size of the tab. She has done enough damage for one evening. Once outside, the cool air makes Geneva ever so slightly more alert. Although it’s after midnight on a weekday, the sidewalk is busy with young people heading to one of the night clubs on the street. The more popular clubs have lineups of people waiting to get in. Jerry feels the street pulsating from the electronic music played in the clubs. Fortunately the Entertainment District is always crawling with cabs. Within a couple of minutes, they hail one down and head to Geneva’s condo at Harbourfront. When they arrive at her place, Jerry decides that she is in no shape to get up to her place on her own. He grabs her by the arm and brings her up to the twenty-second floor. Geneva manages to open the door and he escorts her inside.

He’s not quite sure what to do next. So he decides to just leave her on her bed to sleep it off. As they walk into Geneva’s bedroom, Jerry has one arm around her and the other reaching for the light, when suddenly she reaches over, puts both arms around him and kisses him. Not just a little peck but a long, passionate kiss. His reaction is a combination of experiencing an adrenaline rush and being tasered. He notices that one of her hands has slipped down and is undoing his belt. He pulls back, “Umm…what are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m drunk and horny. I need to get laid.”

“I really don’t think this is a good idea.”

She pushes him onto the bed and wiggles out of her tight stretch denims and begins to grind into him. “Geneva, we need to talk.” She ignores him.

The excitement of the day and the alcohol make the rest of the night a blur. The next thing Jerry remembers is rolling over early the next morning and seeing Geneva asleep next to him. “Holy shit, I just fucked my boss.”


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