Weekly Update

The Republican National Convention provided a rich source of humour this week. It’s easy for Canadians to laugh but we also feel uneasy by what we see. The Convention underscored a nation divided with an alarming rise in extremism and a lack of civility. Forty-nine years ago this weekend, the Detroit riots broke out. For five days the city burned. Canadians followed the riots on the news with concern. Gordon Lightfoot chronicled the riots in the song, Black Day in July. America feels the same today, a country about to blow apart as a result of racial and economic tension.

I need not make a lot of progress this week. I did a rewrite of Chapter 4 of LOVED MARS, HATED THE FOOD. I sent out six query letters to literary agents for THE ROAD AHEAD. In addition, I submitted a short story to an online site based on two chapters of THE ROAD AHEAD.

Enjoy the hot, humid weather this weekend.

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