Weekly Update

This was a productive week for me. I had my monthly writing group meeting and got feedback on a couple of chapters from LOVED MARS, HATED THE FOOD. I also completed chapter five of the manuscript.

I received nothing back from the nearly two dozen literary agents that I’ve contacted over the past two months regarding THE ROAD AHEAD. This is not exactly encouraging, nor is it unusual for a new author. However, I am moving ahead to get my book out there. I am planning on submitting THE ROAD AHEAD for the annual Leacock Medal for Humour. I know that’s a bit of stretch for an unpublished author. But there are precedents.  Today, I hired a graphic artist, Sarah Messina, to design the cover of the book and do the interior layout. I should have hard copies of the book in my hands by he end of August. I’ll have extra copies printed for anyone who would like a “first run edition”.

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