My Favourite Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theories


Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? They’ve been part of the Internet going back to when Google was a research project of a couple of Stanford students. It’s what keeps people coming back to Snopes.

The 2016 Presidential election campaign has been a treasure trove for conspiracy theories. Mostly, pertaining to Hillary Clinton. I’ve collected my favourite ones.

1. Hillary is dying. In fact, she will die within a year as a result of vascular dementia.

2. Hillary is using a body double (rumoured to be Teresa Barnwell). That sort of makes sense though, if she’s dying.

3. Sick Hillary’s cough is caused by Parkinson’s disease.

4. Wait, there’s nothing wrong with Hillary. In fact, she faked the flu, a blood clot and a concussion to avoid testifying to Congress about Benghazi.

5. The Clintons have killed so many people, they are basically serial killers. The body count includes James McDougal, Vincent Foster, Ron Brown,Mary Mohane, the list goes on and on.

6.Hillary is a lesbian and the Clinton marriage is a sham. There’s even a book out on the subject. Okay, if she’s not a lesbian then at least she must be bisexual.

7. Then there’s the stable of Bill Clinton love children across America.

8. Bill Clinton is sterile (so much for the love children theories) and Chelsea isn’t his daughter. The real father is Webb Hubbell.

9. Forget Webb Hubbell. Chelsea was conceived when Bill forced himself on Hillary during a vacation in Bermuda.

10.Clinton and top aide/alleged lover Huma Abedin (wife of Anthony Weiner) are in cahoots with the ladies’ auxiliary of the Muslim Brotherhood. Which explains why Clinton has been secretly pushing to spread Sharia law in America.

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