Who I Would Like To See Appear In The Movie Version Of THE ROAD AHEAD

For fun I thought I would choose actors who I think would be a good fit for the characters in THE ROAD AHEAD. Below are my picks. If, you’ve read the book, tell me who you would like to see play the different roles.

Rick Tompkins – Bryan Cranston
Jerry Switzer – Seth Rogen
Geneva Horvath – Emily Blunt
Ameena 3 – Mindy Kaling
Lawrence Tucker – Robert Pattinson
Peter Lysiak – Frank Whalley
Kitty Norman – Scarlett Johansson
Lois Tompkins – Anna Gunn
Christie Lefebre – Winona Ryder
Margaret Bouton – Toni Collette
Ginny – Margot Robbie
Brittney – Kat Dennings
Don Brand – Mike McKean

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