Signs That Donald Trump Might Not Win The Election

Sure the polls show that Hillary Clinton has a large lead over Donald Trump just weeks before election day. But you can’t really trust the polls. More often than not they have proven to be inaccurate. But I have some convincing evidence that Trump is probably not going to be the 45th president of the United States.

1. Trump is considering dumping Mike Pence from the ticket and replacing him with Billy Bush.

2. Trump has been negotiating with NBC for a new season of The Apprentice for 2017.

3. His Secret Service detail has been replaced by two bouncers from the Avenue night club in New York.

4. His campaign events draw more women that he has molested than supporters.

5. Trump promises if elected, voters won’t have to pay taxes either.

6. Trump prepares for the third debate by appearing on Family Feud.

7. Trump arranges for Russian President Vladmir Putin to make campaign appearances for him.

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