Weekly Update

Chapter 10 of LOVED MARS, HATED THE FOOD has now been completed. I hope to begin picking my writing output if I can get avoid some of life’s other distractions. Speaking of Mars, some interesting news about Mars out this week. First we heard that the Viking Lander mission in 1976 had found microbial life on Mars. But that was just on the surface. What about below the surface? You know, I have my theories. The second story involved the European Space Agency, which lost a Mars lander yesterday. The Europeans were testing the ability to get equipment onto the surface of Mars in preparation for landing a rover on the planet in 2020. Their objective? To find life on Mars. Stay tuned.

As I reported earlier in the  week, I will be appearing at the Bookapalooza on Saturday, November 19 sponsored by the Writers Circle of Durham Region. I’m working on a Rick Tompkins theme for the day and, of course, I’ll be signing copies of THE ROAD AHEAD.

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