And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

I picked up recently that MLSE and a major insurance company  recently announced a partnership that will see the insurance company offer Toronto Raptors- and Toronto Maple Leafs-branded home and auto insurance. If you have been to a game involving professional sport teams, you would have noticed how inundated you are with advertisements from corporate sponsors. Replays are brought to you my a sponsor. Contests, during breaks, in play are provided by corporate sponsors. Everything that has to do with the game has a corporate sponsor!

So I thought about this new partnership between the Toronto teams and the insurer and wondered how far these sponsorship deals could do. Maybe right into the play-by-play booth? Here’s what I came up with.

Jim: Dave, this is the third meeting between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins this season. What can we expect to see tonight?

Dave: I think we are going to see two contrasting styles of play. The Leafs will rely on speed and finesse. The Bruins will try to take advantage of their size to physically intimidate the Leafs. Should be a good one.

Jim: I just want to take this time to welcome Northwind Insurance to the corporate family.

Dave: Some good people working in Northwind.

Jim: The two teams are lined up for the opening faceoff. Coach Babcock has his rookie unit out there to start the game.

Dave: Jim, I heard that kid, Zach Hyman bought his mom a brand new car last week. I know the folks at Northwind have some pretty competitive auto insurance rates. Hope Mrs. Hyman checks them out.

Jim: And play is underway. Auston Matthews wins the draw and fires the puck into the Bruins end. Brown gives chases and collides with Chara. The whistle blows as Brown is down on the ice and slow to get up. He looks to be hurt.

Dave: Brown has quite a height and weight disadvantage in that encounter. Dave, did you know that Northwind offers some very attractive disability policies? 

Jim: I’ve heard that. I’ll have to check them out. Play has resumed. The faceoff is to the right of the Bruins net. The Leafs win the draw and the puck goes back to the point. Reilly has it and passes it to his defense partner, Gardner. He wires a shot at the net but it deflects off a Bruin into the netting for another stoppage.

Dave: That Jake Gardner has really been firing the puck.

Jim: Speaking of fires. I hear Jake’s uncle had a major blaze at his home this past summer.

Dave: Hope they had a Northwind policy on their home. You get very personalized claims service at Northwind.

Jim: The teams are lined up for another faceoff. Matt Martin and David Backes seems to be jawing at each other. Now they dropped the gloves and we are sparring. The linesmen are quick to jump in and break this one up. Martin looks to be cut under an eye and will have the trainer take a look at that.

Dave: That cut doesn’t look to be so bad. By the way, I just checked out Northwind health and drug plans and they look pretty competitive. 

Jim: Yes Dave and the Leafs and Raptor players are all covered under Northwind heath plans. Play has resumed. Martin is given an extra two minutes for the being the instigator, which puts the Bruins on a powerplay. Bozak wins the draw and the puck goes into the Leafs corner. Polak picks up the puck and skates out of the corner. Marchand swoops in and steals the puck. He drives to the Leaf net and picks the corner on Anderson. It’s 1-0 for Boston.

Dave: That was an awful play by Polak. But mistakes happen in life.That’s why it’s smart for professionals to carry Errors & Omissions insurance. Check out Northwind if you need to protect your business.

Jim: While there’s a break in the action, let’s hear from one of our newest sponsors… 




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