Book Review: Scooter Nation by A.B. Funkhauser

A.B. F51+mi7lfvnLunkhauser is a pseudonym for an incredibly funny author that I’ve gotten to know and Scooter Nation is a her second novel. She is real-life funeral director and has produced a dark, yet funny story about the funeral home business.

Scooter Nation is about the nasty goings on of the owners and operators of a family-run funeral home where a messy web of personal and financial relationships provide both  intrigue and humour. There is rich group of characters in this story, all with secret pasts and personal ambitions. There are no good guys here. The story has so many twists, characters dropping dead and murdered, funeral home employees breaking the rules, a nice dose of backstabbing, and a fleet of motorized scooters driven by the disabled protesting everything from accessibility to community politics.

Who would have ever thought you could write a hilarious story about the funeral home business, which is what makes Scooter Nation and A.B. Funkhauser so brilliant. I need to read her first novel, Heuer Lost and Found.

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