Weekly Update

I’m back writing!


Put in about 2500 words on my manuscript over the past week, which isn’t earth shattering but a huge step forward.

The source of my writer’s block will never be known for sure. One contributing factor was when I came up with this dumb idea to stop writing and edit. When I wrote THE ROAD AHEAD, I never really looked at what I had written until the first draft was completed. For some reason, I think I wanted to have a better first draft so I began editing.

Writing is a creative process while editing is much more analytical. Once to stop the creative flow, it’s not so easy to switch back on.

I’m planning to finish this draft before I leave for Europe at the end of July. Well, that’s the plan. About 20k to 25k left to work out. As an extra incentive I’ve signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo with a group of fellow writers Camp NaaNoWriMo is a virtual writer’s retreat.

Thank you to everyone who provided me with positive vibes while I was struggling. You aren’t really alone when you are a writer.

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