Donald Trump Tweet Generator

It’s quite a burden for Donald Trump to be managing his own Twitter account with all his other responsibilities. It doesn’t seem to be something he comfortable delegating to staff. I have a solution. I have spent hours and hours going over Trump tweets and created a number of algorithms using patterns that I’ve observed.

Using the check lists below, Trump can choose the content of his tweets and then hand it over to someone else for posting. The process takes seconds.

Please make a selection from each section.

_____ is ruining this country.

  2. Putin
  3. Cute-looking Justin Trudeau
  4. Mueller
  5. Criminal Hillary
  6. Ivanka


I promise you he/she/they ________.

  1. should be locked up
  2. is quite good looking
  4. lies all the time
  5. will be fired
  6. will get a White House invite


I will ask Congress to _______.

  1. shut down the rigged witch hunt
  3. ban the fake media
  4. protect my star on the walk of fame
  5. indict Hillary, Obama and Biden
  6. start planning the Trump monument


The dumbest person on the planet is ________.

  1. Colin Kaepernick
  2. LeBron James
  3. CNN’s Bob Lemon
  4. HUD Secretary Ben Carson
  5. Omarosa
  6. Donald Jr.


America is the greatest country because ________.

  1. the people elected me
  2. we’re tough on crime, immigrants and our allies
  3. Nazis are free to speak their mind
  4. of the 2nd amendment
  5. even mentally unstable people can become president
  6. Ivanka is hot.


I want to be clear ____________.

  1. foreigners are stealing our jobs and money
  3. no one reads the failing N.Y. Times
  4. I have never even met this Stormy Daniels
  5. only guns and the Republican party will keep America safe
  6. I will win in 2020



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