Musings of a Social Media Addict

Dear person.

Bill Nye, the science guy, suggests that a permanent Mars Colony is pure science fiction. He indicates that anyone who believes in the stuff must be high. So, how does he know about Dix Jenner?

Dear person,

Mrs. White, my grade 10 English teacher recently contacted me. She had read my first novel, THE ROAD AHEAD, and wants change my grade for that year from a B- to a C+. Isn’t there like a statute of limitations or something like that for school grades?

Dear person,
I’ve never had good math skills. I’ve trying to figure out how to best price my ebook. Am I better off selling 500 copies at 99 cents a copy or 1 million copies at 1 cent a copy?
Dear person,
Police raided my MC’s farm and confiscated all his marijuana plants. It seems he forgot to get a grower’s license. Now my humor book is about a dairy farmer who decides to grow soybean. Yeah, this is going to be so hilarious.
Dear person,
I took my computer in to the shop because my floppy drive is acting up. The technician says it’s obsolete and can’t be replaced. He says I should be using a cloud. I didn’t want to sound like a moron, but how does it work on a sunny day?
Dear person,.
I’m thinking about creating a hashtag game for left-handed paranormal atheist writers called . What do you think?

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