Bernie Sanders: The Meme Machine

That inauguration photo of Bernie Sanders was quite the internet sensation and created a flurry of memes including the Where’s Bernie (and Waldo) meme above. The senator took it in stride and used the opportunity to raise a significant amount of cash for charities in Vermont.

Bernie: What are your views on the Green New Deal?

Bachelorette #1: Sorry, I don’t eat at McDonald’s.

Bachelorette #2: Do you mean the guy who was once married to Drew Barrymore?

Bachelorette #3: I’m a vegan so I’m all in favour of salads.

Johnny: Sir, are you planning on checking into our motel

Moira: Why look at him. He’s nothing more than a cantankerous old man.

Alexis: Is he even alive? He hasn’t blinked once.

David: I just love his mittens though.

Jethro: Heehaa! Look at all them movie stars walkin the streets.

Elly May: I hope I can find me a man in Beverley Hills.

Jed: Tarnation. I’m told I got me enough money to buy one for you.

Granny: Hogwash, Elly May don’t want no high faluten Californi feller. There were plenty of beaus back home.

Bernie: For god sakes, is anyone listening to me? I need to pee. Please stop at the closest rest stop.

Jed: Anyone know who that feller is in the back of the truck?

Would you like a chocolate Mr. Bernie?

You sure are bundled up for Alabama weather.

Mama says you can’t trust folks wearin’ masks but I don’t know nothin’ about that.

Joker: What are you in for?

Bernie: They told me for disorderly conduct. Just because some cop doesn’t like the mitts. They are perfectly appropriate for an inauguration. It’s a joke. It’s about time we defund the police. The entire system is rotten to the core.

Joker: Hey guys! Stay clear of the cranky old man with the mitts.

Moishe: Who’s the Kallah?

Abe: No clue. Wonder if she’s as old as the Chatan.

Everyone: Hava nagila, Hava nagila, Hava nagila, Venis mecha.

It says here you want to enlist me for your fight against corporate corruption, economic inequality and climate change.

Bernie I’m just a crime fighter. Have you considered running for president?

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