What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

1. If Ryan had accidentally locked himself in his own car, would he:
a) Call 911 and wait for emergency services to arrive.
b) Kick out one of his windows.
c) Scream help until someone passing by noticed him.
d) Listen to Howard Stern on Sirius radio until the car battery died.

2. When Ryan receives his census form, does he:
a) Ask his neighbour to fill it in for him.
b) Make up answers and return it.
c) Throw it in the garbage and claim he never received it.
d) Claim his dog ate it.

3. When his local Sears has a storewide sale of 30% of all shoes, does he:
a) Pull out a calculator to determine the sale price of a $100 pair of shoes.
b) Rely on a salesperson to determine the sale price.
c) Switch price tags with a pair of less expensive shoes.
d) Pay $100 because he can’t be bothered to figure out the sales price.

4. When Ryan gets an invitation to sports award dinner, does he:
a) Make an appointment to have his hair dyed.
b) Go onto Tinder to look for a date.
c) Get an new tattoo.
d) Show up late and drunk eventually getting thrown out.

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