I’ve Developed An Anti-Canadian Values Test For Kellie Leitch

Conservative leadership candidate Kell Leitch has proposed testing immigrants for anti-Canadian values. What a great idea! Except what are Canadian values? A good question. So I’ve done some research and developed some questions that can be used to screen applicants wishing to come to Canada. Try the quiz and see how you how you rate on Canadian values.

1. If you and your wife/girlfriend are attending a Toronto Maple Leaf hockey game, she would be required to wear:

a) a Toronto Maple Leaf jersey
b) a Montreal Canadien jersey
c) a paper bag over her head that says Leafs Suck
d) a niqab

2. On Canada Day, you plan to:

a) light some fireworks
b) have a family BBQ in your backyard
c) paint red maple leafs on the faces of your children
d) blow up a commuter train

3. Boxing Day is known as:

a) a day for great sales
b) a time spent with the family
c) the start of the World Junior hockey tournament
d) just another day to despise the infidel

4. When you get to Canada, the first thing you want to try is:

a) poutine
b) beaver tails
c) Dill Pickle potato chips
d) meat from goats raised in my yard and roasted on a spit

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