Weekly Update

The new novel is coming along slowly. I finished chapter 8 this week and hope to complete one more chapter before heading off for my annual NFL/birthday weekend at the end of next week. The writing is going much quicker than the first novel and I expect the first draft to be in much better shape this time around.

THE ROAD AHEAD book launch is coming together nicely. I’ve now received about 100 RSVPs. That is well beyond my expectations. We can still squeeze a few more people into Ben McNally’s bookstore if you know anyone who might be interested in coming out on September 21. The books are outside my office ready to be signed. I love the smell of freshly printed books. Amazon is currently converting the novel into a Kindle ebook and it should be available in about 10 days. I’m registered on Goodreads.com, though still have to work out how to make use of the site.

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