Weekly Update

This past week I just about finished Chapter 18 of Loved Mars, Hated The Food. As well, I was notified that I’ve been accepted to do a reading from my new manuscript at a Literary Festival in Brampton. I will have more details in the next week or two.

I’m sure many followers are wondering, why does Willie only write at most two chapters in a week? And sometimes not even a complete chapter. So I decided to provide a breakdown on how I use my time.

72% Surfing the Internet. Like I have to learn about how to produce oxygen on Mars or what kind of a rocket do you need to get you there.

12% Reading for inspiration. And sometimes when I’m reading, I fall asleep so this category includes some minor napping.

9% Drinking coffee. This can include intermittent binge snacking and toilet breaks.

5% Actual writing.

2% Trying to decide whether “that” is necessary in a particular sentence. At times, this activity can seriously cut in actual writing time.

Now you know what it takes so much time to complete a chapter.

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