One of My Most Embarrassing Experiences Growing Up

While working on my memoir, this was an experience I recalled. It was my first year of junior high school (middle school) and we had just moved into the area over the summer. I began the school year at Ledbury Park knowing no one. I was awkward and a year younger than the other students because I had skipped a grade several years earlier. The experience was intimidating. Walking the halls to class, I would see the vice-principal pulling male students aside if their hair was too long and female students if their skirts were too short. The Beatles and mod styles may have been popular in mid-sixties society but not at Ledbury Park. In grade 7, we had music classes, and I was placed in a vocal class rather than assigned an instrument. I have no idea why other than maybe I was a late enrolment to the school and that’s all that was available to me. I cannot sing. It’s fine if I’m alone in the car or the shower, but my voice was not made to be heard by others. We would sing pieces in class, and everyone would break out laughing the moment I opened my mouth. It was one of those embarrassing moments you never forget. After three classes, the teacher informed me that I had a spare for the rest of the year and no longer needed to attend class. What she likely meant to say was that I was no longer welcome to class. It was humiliating. I spent each music class in the library working on homework. I received a B grade for my futile effort at singing. It was an humiliating experience.

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