Keep Track of Your Top Twitter Follows With a List

I see a lot of people complaining they aren’t seeing the same Twitter accounts on the Timeline. Twitter is functioning as it once was and it may not improve for a while. You can address this problem by creating lists. I began doing it several years ago as the number of accounts I followed became so large, I was beginning to miss tweets from people I most wanted to see.

This is a short description on how to create a list. Step one is go to the menu bar on the left of your and select Lists.

The will bring you to the List page which is blank when you don’t have lists. At the bottom right corner is a blue icon for creating a list. Click on it.

This brings you to Create Your List Page. Type om the name you want to give your list. I used Friends. The click on the Create button at the bottom right.

The next step is adding people to your newly created list. When you are finished, click on the Done button on the bottom right.

Now that you have a list, you will want to pin it so that it pops up next your timeline. Just click on the pin icon next to the name of the list.

You are done. When you click on Home, the Friend list will appear to the right of your Timeline. You can now see your friends’ tweets!

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