Some Low Cost Book Marketing Tips

I’ve seen many authors on social media and their Timeline is just endless links to sales pages for their books. For many people, this becomes uninteresting and monotonous. Purchasing ads can be pricey. I’ve tried Facebook ads and they do increase the number of likes for your Facebook page but my experience was that the ads didn’t generate enough sales to cover my costs. Overtime you can play around with different ads to see what gets the most traction. It just didn’t work for me.

So, how can you mix things up while promoting your work without constantly dropping sales links? Try some of these tools.

Book Banner Ads

I have banners for each of my books and even a banner that includes all my novels together. They should include covers and where to find your books. A short pitch or blurb could be included. It doesn’t hurt to have an eye-catching cover to work with. Some have been created on Canva while others I’ve paid someone to create. If the banner ad indicates the book is available on Amazon then providing a link isn’t necessary.

Share Reviews

I love to share reviews on social media because followers aren’t necessary going to Amazon or Goodread to look for reviews. A social media review can serve two purposes. First, they are effective in communicating what readers think of your book. Second, I use them to encourage other readers to also post reviews. I’ll share short two-sentence reviews to signal that you don’t need to write a long essay. Something short and sweet works too. You can be creative with your reviews. For example, you can create a banner ad containing quotes from multiple reviews.


If you’re going to post selfies on social media, why not tie in your books in some way. There are a lot of creative ways to pose with your books.


I sometimes find a meme that connects with one of my books. It’s a fun way to promote your books. Below is a meme that I’ve used. I just add in the post that the book (eg., LOVED MARS HATED THE FOOD) is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. If you’ve read the book, you would definitely get the reference.

Screenshots of Book Excerpts

Instead of the book cover, you can post screenshots of book excerpts. Share a few paragraphs to let people get an idea what the writing is like. The idea is to get them to head over to Amazon and check it out.

Really there are no limits to the different ways you can promote your books. The idea is to get people scrolling through their timeline to stop and check you out. Use things that will catch the eye. Make a video about your book, yourself, or anything that will plug your work. Find ways to stand out in the clutter of social media. Book links are nice but aren’t that eye-catching.

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