Talking Politics and Martians with Author Willie Handler

An interview by Kelsey Stone who is a passionate and talented writer. We talk about writing and my projects. I hope you enjoy it.

Tibetan Lemonade

There is nothing quite like satire for opening the mind and eyes to current issues. Perhaps it is because that mode of writing breaks past normal barricades, catching the reader off guard and revealing things about themselves and the world that they might not have otherwise seen. Humorist and science fiction author Willie Handler’s debut novel was a political satire designed to do just that. His current work in progress, a science fiction novel titled Loved Mars, Hated The Food is not a satire, but it is still got plenty of humor. I got the opportunity to pick Willie’s brain on genre, the importance of humor, and his writing process. Check out what he has to say!

1. Your first novel was a political satire. What made you decide to veer into science fiction?

My first novel, The Road Ahead, was partly about my previous career. I spent 30…

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