My Thoughts on Being Canadian

Canada turns 151 today.

Today brings to an end our sesquicentennial, which was a big umm….yawn. Because we aren’t terribly nationalistic. Let’s face it, Canadian history is boring. And we’re fine with that. We’re proud of our country, but don’t feel the need to tell the rest of the world. Newcomers are always made to feel welcome.

We try to be polite, make compromises and not make too make noise. There are few things that get Canadians passionate or patriotic beyond men and women on skates wearing a red maple leaf on their chest.

The reason we are what we are comes down to our history. Our country wasn’t created through a rebellion, war or series of violent acts. No one put their life on the line to see Canada become a reality. A bunch of white-haired men negotiated our independence. Let’s sit down and talk. Come to a compromise. That’s the Canadian way.

Our country continues to be strong because we continue to use those same principles. Sure, we sometimes become polarized. We have crime and violence. We have poverty and have treated indigenous people horribly. But we try to work it out.

On Canada Day, we don’t gush  about how great we are. It’s a day to hold a family BBQ, to enjoy our very short summer and to reflect on how good it feels to live here.

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