I Don’t Mind That You Choose Not To Wear A Mask If…


Hey, I don’t really mind that you choose not to wear a mask. I get that you want the right to choose for yourself. I’m pleased that you are ready to stand up for human rights and are opposed to all forms of totalitarianism.

So, in the same spirit of individual liberty and freedom, I’m sure you won’t mind if I choose drive myself home after a long evening of drinking. I think you’ll agree that it’s a small price to pay to keep the government from controlling what we do. I’m an excellent driver with a very clean driving history.

On the way home, I may get the urge to pee. My bladder doesn’t hold as much as it used to. I’ll just pull over and relieve myself on a lawn. How is it that really different than a neighbourhood dog peeing outside? If it happens to be your property, I’m sure you’ll understand. Besides, I saw a YouTube video that said it’s good for your garden.

While we’re on the topic of driving, I’m really annoyed by red lights and stop signs. They stretch out the length of every trip. If I’m running late, I would like to make them optional. And speed limits too. I’m sure you would agree that we don’t need so many rules especially not for the silly reason of keeping strangers safe. I should be able to choose how to drive. After all, it’s my car and if I total it then so be it.

I’ve begun cigar smoking in public places. I’m tired of being treated like a criminal because I enjoy an occasional cigar. I know several doctors who suggest second hand smoke presents no hazard. I’m sure you would agree.

I plan on having a big neighbourhood BBQ on the next long weekend. You’re invited. I’ll be grilling chicken. I understand that you’re probably used to having your chicken cooked to 165 degrees. Now I saw a meme on Facebook that indicates 100 degrees is just fine and I agree with it. Those so-called experts are just being overly cautious. I’m sure you don’t want to encroach on my beliefs. Some of you may get sick, but almost everyone survives food poisoning. For those who don’t, well they must not have a strong constitution and it’ll be like culling the head.

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Mind That You Choose Not To Wear A Mask If…

  1. Jon says:

    So, the individual liberty “rationale” is being used in Canada too? And here I thought that Texas had a lock on that bit of insanity.


  2. JessicaMarieBaumgartner says:

    And these straw man arguments are exactly where the misconceptions come from. In extremist Muslim countries women are taught from childhood that if they don’t wear a burka or head scarf that their family will die, thunder will strike them dead, and god will cast them aside. Both the CDC, WHO, and numerous Drs have proven that COVID is not as contagious or deadly as previously predicted. It has yet to kill 1% of the population. Whereas drinking and driving kills more people. Breathing fresh air is a human right. I know 1 person who died of coronavirus. He was a 60 year old cancer patient. I know 4 people with asthma who have been rushed to the hospital and medicated for lunge infections caused by wearing a mask, as well as 1 women who delivered a stillborn 16 weeks into her pregnancy because her baby didn’t get enough oxygen and had C02 poisoning. Your inability to research both sides of the argument proves your ignorance and inability to respectfully consider both sides.


  3. williehandler says:

    Thanks for calling me ignorant. As for research, according to the US National Highway Safety Administration, about 10,000 people are killed each year by drunk drivers.

    In 2020, COVID-19 had killed more people than any other single cause other than cancer and heart disease, including car accidents, homicides, Influenza, war and face masks.

    In Canada, because the country is following infection control protocols, we are able to open up our economy and keep people healthy. I rest my case your honour.


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